DELL Dimension 4600

  Baslla321 19:23 03 Nov 2003

I had no audio in my brand new PC, so it was replaced with a supposedly new one which was delivered unsealed and unboxed. What is strange is that normally the above PC's all have 256 RAM; this one has 284!! Also Dells solutions gives me TAG No; yyyyy and an express service number which is different to the one stuck to the outside cabinet.Plus the service Tag number is invalid according to the Dells Database, and I cannot register for Dells Support. Wot do u think??

  BurrWalnut 19:27 03 Nov 2003

Contact Dell?

  christmascracker 19:29 03 Nov 2003

Your service tag number wont be recognised on their database at first.

It was around 6 weeks before I could access mine.

  brambles 20:42 03 Nov 2003

Dell Products
c/o PO Box 69
RG12 1GG

Write to this address which I did when my new computer went in to have a faulty hard disk replaced & came back exactly the same. I knew this because I deleted all personal data before returning but left my old BT dial up network programme installed. It was still on the 'supposedly new hard disk'

They were very apologetic & sent a top man with a new disk & installed it at home.
Send letter recorded delivery

  Baslla321 21:04 03 Nov 2003

Thanks for the advise. Yes, I will contact Dell I wrote to the local retailer and have not got any reply yet. I am requesting a new sealed PC. I have a feeling that they will try and ignore me.
Tks Rgds

  Baslla321 14:20 06 Nov 2003

They tried to pull a fast one and I got them!! They came running and replaced my PC. The third time...lucky?! that it had to be changed. The first PC was without audio.
Again thanks.

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