Dell Dimension 3000 graphics

  NFB 21:59 22 Feb 2005

I purchased one of these machines for my young boys and now they want to run MS FlightSim 2004 on it. What would be a suitable, preferably low cost, graphics card to install, please? I guess it has to be a PCI version.

Thanks in anticipation.

  hugh-265156 22:53 22 Feb 2005

how much do you wish to spend please?

just had a quick google for the rest of your specs are these correct?

Intel Celeron D 330 (2.66GHz) Processor 512MB PC3200 DDR Memory

80GB 7,200rpm Hard Drive 48x CD-RW Combo Optical Drive

Intel Extreme 2 Integrated Graphics with 64MB Shared Memory

any budget graphics card should play FS04 much better than your onboard graphics can but you may need still to keep the fancy effects and details set to low to get it to run smoothly in large airports. £30-£40 gets you an nvidia FX5200 or radeon 9250 for example. this is an old directX 8 card but still beats these budget cards if you dont have much to spend its worth the money click here

£70 or so should get you a radeon 9600 pro or similar card like nvidia FX5700 if you want to get something a bit better. this should allow you to play smoothly enough with the details turned up a bit.

£120+ gets a really decent card.

  NFB 11:45 23 Feb 2005

It's the Pentium 4(2.8 GHz), 256MB DDR333, 16x DVD/RW+R, 80GB IDE, onboard graphics version with a 17" Flat Panel.

I can live with spending around £100.


  NFB 19:48 26 Feb 2005

Are the cards you suggest PCI versions, please?

  Bleep 20:05 26 Feb 2005

Check wether you have an AGP slot as you will get better value for money using an AGP card: click here

Sapphire Radeon 9600 APG x8 128MB DDR DVI-I TV-Out Lite Retail £56.87 inc VAT click here keeping on a budget this card would offer good DX9 Performance at great price/performance ratio providing you have an AGP slot.

If you dont have an AGP slot this PCI card would be a good purchase for basic gaming on a budget:

PNY Verto Geforce FX5200 PCI 128MB 128-bit DDR With TV-Out Dual VGA Output Retail Box £46.65 inc VAT click here

The ATI card is alot more powerful card providing you have an AGP slot.

How much do you want to spend....

  hugh-265156 23:51 26 Feb 2005

I was wondering why you were under the impression you needed a pci graphics card and then i had a quick google... it would seem that there is no AGP slot on your motherboard?? how strange. click here=

However, the nvidia FX5200 PCI 128MB posted by Bleep above should still be a vast improvement over your current onboard graphics and it should play FS04 ok if you keep the settings turned down a wee bit.

i would also upgrade your ram to at least 512Mb, 256MB isnt really enough even for just running XP let alone recent games.

  NFB 17:58 27 Feb 2005

Very definitely no AGP slot.

In answer to Bleep's question, I would go to circa £100. Then again perhaps I should spend the money on a new motherboard!

  georgemac © 18:27 27 Feb 2005

click here

or ebay? click here search for radeon pci - the 9250 is about the best radeon you will get

geforce seems to only go to fx5200 on pci

these will be OK and buy some more RAM

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