Dell Diagnostics not working Missing partition?

  Internetwhizzkid 17:20 22 Jul 2007

Just recently I have been getting the blue screen of death on my computer something wrong with the memory I think

Anyway aftre being told by dell to run the diagnostics tool and write down any errors. I was told to test the hard drive, now the only problem is I see n option in which you can run a custom task for the hard drive so I see that the intial tests much complete, this is what happends as soon as i selct the diagnotics opton after pressing F2 on boot.
Now my only problem now is after half an hour or so of tests it tells me that it is going to boot from the dell diagnostics partition. I recall no seeing no diagnostics partition only the mediadirect and the system restore. Those partitions have been deleted and I needed the space were the diagnostics on the system restore one? The good news is that I still have both of the partitons in the form of a norton ghost image on a dvd, from them it is at all possible to restore them on the computer?
If anyone coul please tell me how to sort out the diagnostics issue that would be great because i will be getting a call from a dell representative in the morning and so i need to have it sorted outby then

By the way I have seen ways on the internet on how to remake the partition, Now i know my stuff about computers but what is said on websites is just far to complicated for me so if there was some software out there that would just automaticaly do it all for e when i run it that would be great, So if anyone could help me on that as well I will be well pleased

Thanks again

  skidzy 20:25 22 Jul 2007

Firstly is the machine still under warranty ?

If not,try removing one stick of ram and try to boot again.

Also try Memtest:
This is a direct link to the download click here

Save to your desktop
Burn to cd-r
check your bios is set to boot from cd
Insert the memtest disc and reboot the computer.
No need to burn separate iso as this is the bootable version.

  Internetwhizzkid 22:23 22 Jul 2007

it is but i was told by dell to remove a stick i have a warrenty till 2010 i checked today

What will the iso do when booted scan and then tell me the problems?


  woodchip 22:31 22 Jul 2007

All I can think is Restore the Ghost Image. But backup all your files photos and E-Mail to disc first

  skidzy 22:55 22 Jul 2007

The memtest will diagnose your ram for errors.

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