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Dell desktop pc keeps crashing

  baldyx 14:31 22 Jun 2015

My Dell pc windows 7 keeps crashing with PAGEFAULTINNONPAGEDAREA.

I have restored the system to previous good restore points and also after F8 ing at bootup restored to last good restore point, but still keeps crashing.

Sometimes loads the windows7 then crashes and sometimes before the windows is loaded.

I have set the 'Restore system settings and previous versions of files' in System Protection for RECOVERY

Also started the pc in SAFE mode as well but no joy.

  baldyx 19:49 28 Jun 2015

I mainley use for : video & photos file generations & burning dvds (including blu ray ) using softwares like MemoriesOnTv (by CodeJam ) , Windows Moviemaker,Panasonic HD writer, Avs4U etc. Use MS Word & Excel Internet access Backup to Seagate drive Need about 500 Gbyte hard drive. also consideration for memory for new versions of Windows, etc.

I have been using Dell desktops for the las 15 years (two desktops so far) & generally satisfied with the performance they gave until the Bluescreen problem recently. Haven't looked at new Dell pcs recently.

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