Dell D630 laptop behaving very strangely - keyboard, Opera browser, JetAudio player

  KrisVesel 10:58 03 Dec 2014

Hello to everyone. This is my first post on these forums.

I bought a used Dell D630 laptop a couple of months ago. It had XP installed (originally the model is listed as a Vista laptop).

I immediately installed Windows 7 as it has a few improvements I like.

It worked fine for a month or so and then one day a few weeks ago I noticed some strange stuff happening, all appearing within 24 hours (maybe all at once, but I can not be sure, obviously).

  1. While using Opera browser, the URL bar started acting strangely - I could not type more than 1 or 2 characters into it, it would stop the input after that. Some other things I clicked like "history" would appear for a tenth of a second and disappear before I could select my preferred option. These things would be ok sometimes and then reappear. Chrome seems OK.

  2. The music player JetAudio started to reset the song after a few seconds. Sometimes it would last a half of a song, other times it would restart immediately. After a few days, there was a day when it was OK, but after that not anymore. WMP also had AIMP3 and VLC were ok.

  3. The keyboard - this is the main issue. Space bar stopped responding on and off, so between 1/4 and 1/2 of the words were joined together, the rest normally spaced apart. This was killing me... "Enter" also would not work always. The cursor keys - you would usually have to press for each move, holding it down often does nothing. In MS Word pressing Ctrl sometimes gives these brackets: {}

Anyway, I decided to install XP on the C-drive 2 days ago, replacing the Windows 7 and it seems the problems are still there. The space bar thing seems slightly better, at least upto now...

Any ideas... Can I do anything else or is the hardware seriously damaged and I have to either put up with it or chunk it. I am unemployed so I wouldn't like to buy a new one right now.

Thanks for any help and assistance

p.s. I'm sorry if my English is not always clear, I studied French and Russian, but I feel even English is good enough for a forum post...

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