Dell D610 latitude laptop possible audio problem

  Shortstop 01:10 24 Nov 2011

Hi - was recently given 2 of the above by my [ex] employer, but because of the age they had no restore disks available so gave me another Dell recovery disk with the instruction that I was to format the lappies when I left the company. Did this on the first but quickly identified driver problems on wireless, audio and video so copied the contents of the drivers folder for the second format and all seems to work - EXCEPT the and keys. This may be more linked with using the wrong recovery disk, but do you have any ideas? A minor issue as I can use the audio controls via the task bar, but irksome, As always, any help given gretefully received. Running XP office; SP3; Avast AV. All programes up to date and scans made with zero results. Thanks, Paul

  Shortstop 01:12 24 Nov 2011

sorry - part of the post was deleted from the main.

Issue is that the volume + and - keys do not work!!



  Shortstop 22:21 24 Nov 2011


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