Dell computers

  Bodice 13:06 20 Mar 2005

How good are they really???

  jbp1982 13:29 20 Mar 2005

You have asked one of those questions, haven't you........

From experience reliability = 98%, no manufacturer is 100% reliable. And another point is that they use their own standard on parts in the machines, the PSU and Mobo etc.

My brother's mobo only has 3 PCI slots and no AGP slot. That simply would not do for me. His system is about 7 or 8 months old.

  rawprawn 13:46 20 Mar 2005

Very happy with mine, and the service I have had over the last 2½ years, The only thing I have had go wrong was the CD RW (Samsung) and the laser burnt out after 2 years. (Dell 4300). Good workhorses

  spuds 13:48 20 Mar 2005

Dell computers must be alright. Looking at the commercial market, Dell seem to be very well at the top of the ladder, with a vast amount of public services that use the Dell products.

On the Home market, again Dell seem to have little complaints aired about their products, considering the volume of computers that they sell. A word of advice is worth considering. Dell have various prices and offers for the same home product, so check the prices before you purchase. If you subscribe to their mailing list, special offers are often available. Another point also worth considering, is the Dell 'interest free' finance package, it as an administration/handling fee should you pay early. Check this out!.

  russmini 13:54 20 Mar 2005

Not too bad from my point of view, my only gripe was i had to wait 1 month for my new PDA to arrive, but this was due to part supply problems, so may not have been their fault. Once dispatched, arrived with no hiccups. Now just trying to understand and use the thing to its full potential!!!!

Would Recommend.

  Bodice 14:05 20 Mar 2005

thank you for all your responses
Much appreciated.

Dell have a good reputation for thier products
I have two of thier baseunits an 8300 and a 2400
and find them very reliable both are whisper quiet. I would recommend them to anyone,
Ok you can still find some negative feedback
about Dell in this forum but I think that go's
for all the manufacturers around.
At the end of the day "you pays your money
and takes your choice"

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