Dell Advertised Prices

  douglas1973 18:01 02 Nov 2005

I have helped various friends and acquaintances buy Dell desktops and laptops though I have never bought one myself.
I have always suspected that the price advertised is always a good deal lower than the actual price (given on their website). With a little time on my hands today (2 November 2005)I decided to see if my suspicions had foundations. In today's Daily Telegraph they advertise a Dell Inspiron 2200 for £492 including VAT & free delivery (reduced from £549). The E-VALUE Code is NPUK5-N11226. In their site it is offered at £585 including VAT and free delivery (reduced from £643) !!! Have I got things wrong or am I right in thinking that this is just another of many cons in the computer world?

  woodchip 18:09 02 Nov 2005

Dell are ending Free delivery

  douglas1973 18:14 02 Nov 2005

Dell may be ending free delivery but they are advetising free delivery both in the press and in their website but this is beside the point that I am raising.

  Jackcoms 18:30 02 Nov 2005

Dell's advertised prices do NOT include their 3-year onsite next-day repair warranty.

The prices at their website DO include that option.

To get back to the (lower) advertised price you can removed that 3-year warranty option before buying.

  sidecar sid 18:30 02 Nov 2005

Select the 90 day collect and return service and click on update price.

  douglas1973 00:42 03 Nov 2005

In my opinion, when one enters the E-VALUE code prospective buyers should see the price advertised in the media. Inserting in small print (albeit in red) that "Initial price also includes an upgraded support service for your added protection - alternatives are available" is not acceptable and I would have thought not looked upon favourably by the Office of Fair Trading (or whichever is the applicable regulatory body that covers such matters).

  Djohn 00:54 03 Nov 2005

Dell are often doing special offers. Their 24" wide-screen is over £900 at the moment, for the past 3 weeks it has been round the £590 mark, wait a couple of weeks and it will be back down again, same applies to all their systems.

  douglas1973 01:15 03 Nov 2005

I obviously have not got my point across or perhaps people are perfectly happy to accept what I consider unfair practices, so reluctantly I concede that this matter is "resolved" for want of a better word.

  Djohn 01:33 03 Nov 2005

No, douglas1973. I think I understood your question and the point you make is valid, but so is the offers that Dell make. You can even see the same or almost the same system on the same day, but in different papers/magazines and the price will be different.

Go to the Dell website and look at a price, then search the site for daily specials, or "This week only" deals, or coupon discount codes and all the prices will be different.

Very confusing for the casual buyer, but for those who know how to look round the site there are some excellent bargains if chosen on the right day, from the right section of the site.

  spuds 09:50 03 Nov 2005

Dell offer various discounts, depending on the media advert, internet shot or newsletters that they issue.So it can pay to check all avenues before making the final purchase on one particular model.

Dell also have trade outlets for refurbished machines, so possible saving could be made there.

Personally, I like the extra special offers Dell have from time to time. Dell [Lexmark] printers for £9.99 delivered!.

  douglas1973 11:21 03 Nov 2005

You say DJohn: "Very confusing for the casual buyer, but for those who know how to look round the site there are some excellent bargains if chosen on the right day, from the right section of the site". What you and Spuds describe seems more like a lottery to me, not something a reputable (?) company like Dell should be doing. Why should'nt casual buyers, who are not in the know, get the same price as they see in a Dell advertisement without having to look at the small print on the website? I am really surprised that you and others that have responded to my comments are quite happy with Dell's practices (I would like to word this more strongly but for obvious reason am refraining from doing this).
Perhaps our willingness to accept such practices is one of the reasons why we in the UK pay so much more than than American buyers.

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