Dell 9150 Motherboards, what are they?!

  Major Disaster 21:40 09 Nov 2005


Im thinking of buying a dell 9150 customised from their site. Just wondering though, what motherboard do they use as i cant seem to find it any where on their site and was just interested know for upgrade purposes down the line (sli etc.)


  jack 08:14 10 Nov 2005

The simple answer to this rather obscure query is
that Dell mother boards are-- er--

'Dell' motherborads.

Dell manufacture computers complete that is the components used are to Dell specification[although may be made a major in the MoBo/HDD etc.,league]
So it wont be an Asus or Chaintech or Foxxconn
although perhaps made by one of those or another.

As good as Dell are- They are the largest manufacturer and supply government and corporations.
And for a home 'user' very good,
- The home tinkerer can be on a very sticky wicket indeed- bacuse very little from the wide wide world of PC components will replace a Dell component.

  interzone55 08:36 10 Nov 2005

As Jack stated above, all motherboards used in Dell PCs are manufactured to Dell specifications by major component manufacturers.
I think Foxxcon make their boards at the moment, but I could be wrong.

Dell PCs are not ideal for upgraders, as they don't always have many spare slots. A PC with onboard graphics (many of the cheaper ones) don't always have AGP or PCI-E slots to upgrade the graphics.

Other than that, they make fine PCs that will serve for many years, providing you don't want to upgrade too much during that time.

  Major Disaster 18:19 10 Nov 2005

Thanks for the great response.

I just ask as i am thinking of putting in a single nvidia 6800 and was wondering if at a later date i would be able to add another in SLI configuration (if a 6800 supports this of course which im not sure whether it does!)

Any comments?
Thanks again

  jack 19:25 10 Nov 2005

People buy washing machines to do the washing.
People who want to do computering and only do computering- buy Dell.
Folk that like to tinker - go build their own.

Dell like other makes too, are built to a spec,and a buyer is locked into the spec. Upgrading beyond extra memory is going to be fraught with frustration.

  interzone55 09:34 11 Nov 2005

The Dell 9150 only has 1 PCIe x16 slot, so SLI is out of the question.

On the other hand, the Dell XPS 600 click here does have 2 PCIe x16 slots, but it is far more expensive.


  jbp1982 08:59 15 Nov 2005

go for a 7800gtx it'll beat 2 6800's in sli.

so I'm told...

What's your opinion? I'm thinking this over aswell. should I get sli mobo or one high performance card...

The 6800 will support sli, but it needs to be identical and from the same manufacturer.

  mellink 18:13 19 Mar 2008

I have a 9150 and its a great machine!
Im not ur usual user so dont think i'm an old man who uses word lol
And 7800gtx? are u laughing?

buy an 8800 GT or maybe a 9600GT
they both costs about £140

I have a 8800GT 320mb OC a little old, but my newer pc is a Q660 and a 8800GTS 512mb OC.

I would add 2gb RAM and buy a decent CPU from a Dell just buy it with the pc :-)

RAID, RAM, GPU and it rocks.
and the PSU it great 375watts of power lol but dont panic the 12V rails are brilliant both really stable, shame PSU as the XPS. I really like the pc just spend a little money

one thing is i hate the motherboard! dell just had to be different, which makes it a pain to mod.

Well enjoy :-)

  mellink 18:14 19 Mar 2008

I meant a 8800 GTS 320mb not a 8800 GT

and the 6800 is standard in the Dell OC it :-) i had it for ages

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