Dell 800 Celeron running XP advice please.

  Andy.F. 11:25 22 Aug 2004

At the local computer fair a guy's selling second hand Dell computers. As my system is an 5 year old Packard Bell pentium2 .400. running 98se. I'm looking to try and upgrade as and when I can afford to do so. I was looking at one of his £100 Celeron 800 with 256meg memory and running windows XP home edition. Hopefully this would almost double my processing power....but, please, could any of you good folks advise me..will the Celron 800 run at a very slow pace with XP...I realise £100 isn't a lot of cash but it is when you don't have it and I'd hate to buy something that's going to be as slow as a snail. Any advice would be much apreciated.....also, if I did buy one, would I be able simply to install windows ME without altering the bios?...many many thanks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:37 22 Aug 2004

Friend of mine runs a 32mb pentium 166 with XP. The Celeron 800's will have no problem. However you will not notice anydifference between your HP and the Dells. The differnce 'twixt an 800 and 400 processor will not be noticed by mortals so I would reformat your computer and stick with 98.

G does he manage to sell a computer with XP home (£70 on it's own IIRC) for 100 squid? ;-))))

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