Dell 720/920 ink cartridges

  howard60 22:47 08 Nov 2004

does anyone know where these can be obtained at a reasonable price? thanks in advance.

  sicknote 23:16 08 Nov 2004

The dell's are Lexmark products rebadge.

click here

  terryr48 23:40 08 Nov 2004

Try choice here-click here if you can't see what you want give them a call for advice.

  spuds 23:58 08 Nov 2004

Dell cartridges are Lexmark manufacture, usually with a slight modification on the cap section.

  howard60 19:49 09 Nov 2004

unfortunately choice do not sell dell cartridges and I am unsure of the modification required to the Standard Lexmark ones.

  sicknote 19:56 09 Nov 2004
  howard60 19:58 09 Nov 2004

thanks sicknote but as I have only the trial cartridges I need to get full size ones before considering refilling.

  sicknote 20:02 09 Nov 2004

They sell new ones as well !!!!

  spuds 20:04 09 Nov 2004

I posted this information previously via click here Use the link in Keenan's post dated 01/10/04 23:58

  howard60 10:36 29 Nov 2004

for anyone interested IJT Direct sell cartridges for the Dell920 reasonable price [about half the Dell price] and worked straight out of the packet they seem perfect. They are at click here

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