Dell 720 printer for £9.99

  concretepigsy 20:38 01 Oct 2004

that includes postage and packing!!!

click here

  concretepigsy 08:58 02 Oct 2004


  Stuartli 09:27 02 Oct 2004

Thanks for the info - just don't tell anyone how much the cartridges are likely to cost...:-)

  absent 11:10 02 Oct 2004

Cartridges seem to be about £20 each (Dell) I can not find any compatibles only refill kits. The only review I could find did not recomend this printer.

  Salinger 11:22 02 Oct 2004

It's cheap enough to keep for emergency back-up use and to throw away when the ink runs out.

  keverne 13:47 02 Oct 2004

Compatibles click here

  Stuartli 14:03 02 Oct 2004

Had the usual e-buyer weekend offers e-mail - Lexmark X1150 All-in-One for £39.99 including VAT (no doubt plus p and p).

Must be like car manufacturers and overproducing at a rate of knots or launching a new model.

  pj123 14:36 02 Oct 2004

Well, as far as I know Dell don't actually make printers so this must be someone elses (Lexmark?) rebadged by Dell. The price listed on the Dell website is £43.16 including VAT. If it is a rebadged Lexmark then I would expect the replacement ink cartridges to be horrendous. From my experience of Lexmark printers it is cheaper to buy a new printer than to replace the ink. I could not recommend a Lexmark regardless of who's name is on it.

  absent 14:47 02 Oct 2004

Thanks daconner, I do not have this printer but was tempted when I first read the offer now however I would not touch it for free, the compatibles at your link are £15.99 & 17.99 for black & colour respectivly. For my present Epsom 680 I can get 2 black and 2 colour for £11.95 from click here

  pj123 17:05 02 Oct 2004

absent. yes I agree. Stick with Epson and Choice Stationery. I have an Epson R200 and an Epson 895. All my ink is bought from Choice. Never had a problem yet.

  spuds 17:27 02 Oct 2004

The Dell 720 is a rebadged Lexmark Z23 with modified cartridges covers and holders [conversion required to interchange].

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