Dell™ 2407WFP Flat Panel Monitor - Green Ghosting

  powerless 20:22 21 Jun 2006

This arrived today, connected up via DVI, updated Monitor drivers [from plug and play] and also updated my ATI x800 Pro Graphic drivers.

The graphics card does support the 1920x1200 res that the monitor can handle.

When I move something over a white background, I see 'green ghosting' folowing the movement, very little mind you but noticebale.

Likewise if I move a window then I can see the ghosting.

However, if I play a game then I do not appear to see it. The same goes for playing DVD's!

I've swapped the DVI cables and it's still the same.

I've played about with the settings, brightness etc and I would say there was actually a difference but the ghosting still seems to be present.

When I scroll webpages it's also ghosting, but it depends what is displayed on the screen.

In WMP 10 when I scroll down my library, the ghosting is no where to be seen.

I have changed the res. and ghosting is still there.

Is this a return job or anyone got any ideas?

  Taff™ 02:22 22 Jun 2006

Interesting monitor Powerless! I found this review - check page two out. click here

And the link to the solutions offered click here

Dell Support any good?

  powerless 20:20 25 Jun 2006

DELL are replacing it :-D

But apart from the problem mentioned, it's GREAT...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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