Dell 1525 HDD different from standard HDD?

  Tinkey Winkey 21:44 02 Oct 2009

I'm wondering if HDDS for Dell laptops are incompatible with standard HDDS?
I just got my new 2.5" SATA HDD for my Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop.
Problem is it doesn't fit the HDD slot?
The power connections are different?
Do Dell use non-standard HDDs?

Look at these pics of the 2 drives.
On the far right side you'll see the power pins are missing from the Dell drive - so I can only assume the power pins are built into the motherboard?
On the replacement standard drive the power pins are built into the drive itself.
Does this mean I can only get a replacement drive from Dell or am I missing something?

Both HDDS: click here

Dell HDD: click here

Standard HDD: click here

Dell 1525 service manual/HDD Replacement: click here

I would ask Dell but they won't speak to me unless I pay £25 'cause the warranty has expired :(

  PalaeoBill 22:03 02 Oct 2009

The old style 4 pin molex power connector was on some earlier SATA 2.5 in drives but it isn't part of the SATA standard.
Both drives you have pictured have the SATA connectors on them. The 7 pin connector is the for the data cable and the 15 pin connector is for the power cable. The internal bay in the laptop will use these connectors not the molex.
Are you trying to put the Scorpio drive into the Dell and it won't fit? If that is the case, then it could be that the molex connector is causing an obstruction.

  Tinkey Winkey 22:05 02 Oct 2009

okay me stoopid...

The front of the plastic housing was catching on the edge of the case stopping the drive from going all the way in ROLF! I am installing Windows now. Still it's odd how the 2 drives are different?

Can't believe i've just spent the last hour taking photos, signing up to photo bucket and posting this thread DOH!

Appologies :(

  PalaeoBill 22:06 02 Oct 2009

You could shine a torch into the drive bay and have a look to see if the molex is the problem.

  PalaeoBill 22:07 02 Oct 2009

Ok. Glad you have sorted it.

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