Delivery Status Notification (Failure)?

  jim63 09:31 16 Jan 2010

Delivery Status Notification (Failure)?
Have seen other posts on this. Is there a way to stop this. I have stopped sending to this email address. It is always the same email message.

  EARLR 10:14 16 Jan 2010


  jim63 16:53 16 Jan 2010

The person the original email was send to is genuine. They have changed their email. but I am getting their old address back from postmaster. I keep deleting but it is regular. Can I contact "postmaster"

  chub_tor 16:58 16 Jan 2010

If you are getting this notice then you must be sending to it. Have a look in your Drafts or Outbox folders to see if you have a message to them and if so delete it.

  Sea Urchin 17:18 16 Jan 2010

.....and Sent folder :@)

  eedcam 19:03 16 Jan 2010

For a while This site wqas all to pot with PM's and sending Delivery failure notices

  stlucia 19:14 16 Jan 2010

From time to time I get a bunch of "Delivery failure" (or similar) notices to a couple of my email addresses that are linked to my web sites, even though I had not sent the mails that were reported as being undeliverable.

When I asked my ISP if someone could have hacked my web site or mail, they said that spammers are able to somehow put spoof return addresses in their emails, and if the spoof address they've made up, or copied, just happens to be yours, you, instead of them, will get the "Delivery failure" messages whenever one of their spams tries to go to an invalid address.

My experience is that the problem goes away after a few days -- the spammers must be constantly changing their "from" addresses.

  johnnyrocker 20:21 16 Jan 2010

while still looking for gullible repliers who once they are on the list will receive no end of mail


  Woolwell 21:11 16 Jan 2010

stlucia is correct in the second para. Ignore and delete but do not reply. It will hopefully go away.

  jim63 09:34 17 Jan 2010

Discovered email still in sent folder so have deleted it and will see what happens

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