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Delivery receipt in Windows Live Mail

  thumbscrew 00:04 21 Nov 2013

Can anyone tell me how to get confirmation that an email has been received in WLM please? I use Windows 7

  Batch 08:52 21 Nov 2013

A read receipt can be sent back when the recipient has opened (i.e. looked at) an email. But it is up to the recipient as to whether they have read receipts enabled. Most people do not (as they consider it an intrusion in to their privacy).

There is no absolute way of determining whether an email has been received (regardless of whether it has been read or not). Normally the "email system" will notify if an email cannot be delivered, but this is not guaranteed.

Having said all that, some marketing / spamming organisations use a somewhat underhand mechanism to determine if an email has been opened. They do this by linking images (that have to be downloaded from the web when the email is viewed) in to an email. They use bespoke codes in the image links (bespoke in that the codes are different for each recipient) which thereby enable them to determine when the email has been viewed. This is used by spammers to try and detect whether email addresses are active (and so target for further spamming).

  thumbscrew 09:46 21 Nov 2013

Thank you both, found the method and interesting comments taken on board.

  Batch 18:02 26 Nov 2013

I can't be certain, but it would not surprise me if contactmonkey and boomerang work in the way that I described in the 3rd paragraph of my posting above. I.e. they embed a link to something (e.g. an image) in the email that uniquely identifies the recipient and communicate back to the sender when the email has been viewed.

This may work where the recipient uses outlook / gmail webmail (I don't use them so cannot comment). But I'm not sure how it would be guaranteed to work with email clients where the emails are downloaded, as most email clients give one the option to choose whether to view embedded images. The recipient just needs to choose not to view such items to invalidate the exercise.

  bumpkin 18:41 26 Nov 2013

Jock1e, judging what is spam is becoming more difficult. A first post by a new member always arouses my suspicion when it leads directly or indirectly to a pay for something.

  Batch 18:48 26 Nov 2013

Have to say that the word SPAM did cross my mind, but the use of the English language was quite reasonable (unlike so much spam).

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