Delinquent Mouse

  lacker 01:36 25 Feb 2003

I am getting a bit cheesed off with my mouse,which until a couple of weeks ago was well trained.However,of late it has taken to suddenly shooting the cursor to various points on the edge of the screen.It does it so quick,I am still pressing the left button thinking cursor is on the point I originally selected.If in the meantime the cursor has gone to top right hand corner of screen,of course I delete the whole page.I have disabled the 'Smart Move'option to no avail,and it does it on all three of my partitions.It is a Logitec cordless mouse.
Anybody any ideas how to get the little brute to behave properly?
Many Thanks T

  jazzypop 01:43 25 Feb 2003

Just to check the obvious, does it have fresh batteries?

On my MS cordless, I have a choice of two frequencies. If yours has the same, have you tried switching frequencies / channels?

  lacker 01:50 25 Feb 2003

Yes the batteries are good,must admit they were the first thing I thought of,so at vast expense,replaced them.I will certainly give the frequency change a go but in view of the irregular times between events may not be able to give you feedback until later on today.
Many thanks for the suggestions.


  « Ravin » 02:49 25 Feb 2003

try repositioning the receiver, maybe having it in the line of sight of the mouse will help. and move the receiver at least 20 cm away from other electrical equipment like the monitor or speakers.

  Djohn 03:07 25 Feb 2003

May be wrong here, but isn't there an e-mail that when received can cause your rodent to do this! Think it's called *dirty mouse* or something similar, sent out as a so called joke. J.

  mimram 07:55 25 Feb 2003


I've got exactly the same prob with a Genius NetScroll.

Have tried; new batteries, reinstallation (plus new driver), repositioning receiver and switching channels. Same result every time - cursor randomly slides across to right hand side of screen.

Mouse currently back with supplier for testing - will let you know outcome, if no one solves it for you first.

  Andsome 08:36 25 Feb 2003

I once had a program downloaded on me, I believe it was called Tipsy Mouse or drunken mouse, or something like that. I have a vague recollection that it appeared somewhere as a program, possibly add/remove programs. Try a search if the other solutions do not work.

  Andsome 08:37 25 Feb 2003

On thinking more about this, I remember now that it was called Crazy Mouse. I managed to find it by searching, and just deleted it.

  AndySD 09:15 25 Feb 2003

Strange as it might seem I solved this 2 weeks ago on my partners PC by reinstalling the creative sound drivers.... then the mouse drivers.

  lacker 09:36 25 Feb 2003

Jazzypop-have done uninstall/reinstall of drivers and set it up on channel 2 instead of channel 1
Ravin-Have done as you have suggested,receiver now in splendid isolation approx 1 metre from mouse and in full view.
Djohn/Andsome-have done a search for for unwanted mouse programs,none show up.They would have to be good to get past numerous defences I have on my computer.But you never know!
Mimram-I would be very interested to know how you get on with the testing,thank you
Andysd-If all else fails,I will do as you suggest and uninstall/reinstall creative Audigy and mouse drivers.
Have to say it has been ok so far today,maybe measures taken are working or am I tempting fate to say this.
Many thanks to all of you,I will keep you posted on any further developements.

Regards Tony

  lacker 22:06 25 Feb 2003

Just to let you know it has behaved itself all day.So I am hoping problem is resolved.It seems ok on all partitions but I only did the driver uninstall/reinstall on one so perhaps 'Ravin's'
suggestion of putting receiver in an isolated,line of sight,position has done the trick.I will post it as resolved for now,and hope I don't have to bother you about it again.
Many thanks to all who helped.


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