Deleting wrong entries in login boxes

  exdragon 14:39 20 Aug 2008

Hi - you know when you make a mistake in putting something into a login box and then the next time, you get a dropdown box which shows the previous logins? How do you clear the wrong details?

It's not a mega problem, just an annoying one!

  Peter 14:48 20 Aug 2008


Sometimes, if you just highlight the item and press the Delete key that one item is removed from the list.


  exdragon 15:07 20 Aug 2008

I tried that, Peter. It removes it but next time it comes back.

  exdragon 15:46 20 Aug 2008

I was thinking of my o2 login page: I originally put in my full email address instead of just the bit before the @ sign. I've also got the same problem with the box on our club website: the password is changed now and again, but all the old ones are listed.

With my memory, it's a bit trial and error picking the latest one!

  exdragon 15:47 20 Aug 2008

I've just done as you suggested and that's it - many thanks!

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