gel 07:31 24 Jun 2006

I use Avast anti virus (the free addition)

I have a virus which I have moved to the virus chest.
Its been there since 29/4/2006 and does not appear to be affecting any thing.
details are as follows
cache 002 win32:duck(trj)
Would it be prudent to delete it?
Also in my system files I have
kernel32.dll C:\windows\systen32
winsock.dll C:\windows\system32
wsock32'dll C:\windows\system32
all since 3/2/2006

Can any one advise me please
Many thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:08 24 Jun 2006

You can delete it from the vault. It will not affect the computer once in the vault. The others are needed by windows and do you mean that they are in the vault or on your main drive?


  gel 08:31 24 Jun 2006

Thanks G
'the others' are in the vault listed in SYSTEM FILES

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:09 24 Jun 2006

If they are in the vault they can be deleted as thy are separate from your OS.


  gel 09:26 24 Jun 2006

Thank you very much G you have put my mind at rest and thank you for a vey quick responce
I shall assume that this promlem is resolved

  rezeeg 09:26 24 Jun 2006

From the Avast Help Files:

"During the installation, avast! copies some critical system files into the Chest, under the "System files" category. Those files might cause the operating system to crash if they get infected by a virus. If needed, those files can be restored from the Chest to their original location. Should an unknown virus infect the computer despite the extensive protection from the avast! antivirus package and alter an important system file, it can then be easily restored to its original state".

I have the same 3 files in my Chest under System Files.

  gel 15:27 24 Jun 2006

Thank you rezeeg.
What a wealth of information is known by the members of this forum and are willingly to pass it on to folk like my self who need a little help.
Thank you

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