Deleting unwanted dialup program

  murrayhouse 21:21 03 Apr 2003

I'm trying to help a friend whose son has managed to accidentally install a program that is automatically dialling a premium rate porn site every time he starts Windows. I'm going to check the Startup folder obviously but I'm guessing that there's loads of other places these types of programs hide. Can anyone suggest a comprehensive list of places I should check to make sure that this piece of crap is wiped off his PC?

first install a fire wall such as zonealarm then get it to stop the app dailing out. next go to start menu, programs, accessories, system tools, system information click on tools then system configuration utility. then click on the start up tab then untick the offending item,

  VoG™ 22:10 04 Apr 2003

Try Spybot to wipe it click here

  MichelleC 09:52 05 Apr 2003

My son also has the same prob. None of the above solutions work. I've tried NAV2003, SpyBot, AdAware6, I've also tried deleting with Norton's Wipe but it says is being used by windows. Spybot did a clean and fix and now it doesn't try and dial out but it's still in Windows/Temp. The only way is to delete via DOS. But how?

  MAJ 10:04 05 Apr 2003

Try deleting it from Safe Mode, MichelleC.

  JoeC 10:25 05 Apr 2003

dial-up network folder and delete any unauthorised connections you find.

  MichelleC 12:46 05 Apr 2003

Thanks, MAJ, (and JoeC) that did the trick. My advice to offspring will go unheard.

  murrayhouse 21:10 05 Apr 2003

Thanks for link to Spybot. I note MichelleC didn't find it worked for her but it it appears to have done the trick for my friend. I installed and ran it on my own PC also and the results are surprising. DAP (Download Accelerator) seems to be a big culprit for Spyware as was Kazza (no surprise there, then) and Gator. Kazza removed and replaced with Kazza lite with no apparent loss of functionality so it seems it's worth looking for alternatives to some everyday "free" utils. Spybot is a polished program and is freeware (though it merits the suggested donation).

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