deleting 'temp' files etc.

  Qmar 02:38 12 Mar 2003

click here

could anyone feedback on the usefullness of this freeware utility?.. or not worth doing this 'springleaning '. or to do it manually better?

  Terrahawk 03:58 12 Mar 2003

depends what o/s youve got by the look of it its only been tested on win 2k. you can clean out temp files through windows
start/accesories/system tools/ disk cleanup
will remove temp files

  Qmar 19:10 12 Mar 2003

OK..yes ... but it found 220Kb extra of redundant files *after* running disk cleanup.?!.. and i have looked at them carefully and they are all genuine redundant files.

  Qmar 21:55 12 Mar 2003

the 'spider' program by Alex Van Rooj.. found *3MB* of index.dat stuff!.. which emtemp or disk-claenup did not... (this is probably old hat to some )

all these tests were done on a lightly used Win98 system used from fresh install of a few months ago.

  sattman 03:37 13 Mar 2003

Am I doing something wrong by going in every two or three days and manually deleting "Temporary Internet files " and also deleting all files in Temp folder and History?. It is free, easy, and quick. And rids my drive of crap, only downside is I have to remember my passwords next time I use password protected software as it removes the remember aspect.

  Qmar 19:16 13 Mar 2003

.. agreed , its ok..

but,index.dat files cant be removed manually.. from the little I've read IE5 is worse than IE6 wrt this... it would be interesting to do your clearing first your manual way, then just after run the accesories disk-cleanup , 3rdly run emptemp , 4thly run spide--- URL: click here

and compare the results.

  Qmar 00:48 14 Mar 2003

refresh and then tick.

  sattman 00:59 14 Mar 2003

Well yes it can be removed but you have to do it in dos, It is remade at next boot up. but why bother it contains no information only as it is only a data index.

Unfortunately deleting all temp files might give a feeling of satisfaction as well as freeing up space it is a pretty useless means of hard disk file deletion

Microsoft have taken care of this, unfortunately they are all still there just hidden away and it takes some pretty intensive work to get rid. Again it means resorting to Dos. 01:03 14 Mar 2003

still clean their junk files manually? I honestly can see no reason for it. There are so many utilities availiable which do an excellent job, and if they take a file that they shouldn't have, you can always retrieve it. I cant say about the one mentioned here, never having tried it, but the best freebie one (I used it for ages) is Ultra WinClean. I use this still to check for leftovers occasionally. The one I use mainly now (not freebie), is MacAfee Quick Clean.
I have found both to be excellent at cleaning all junk from the HD.

  sattman 01:41 14 Mar 2003

For more information

click here

  sattman 01:44 14 Mar 2003

Or this direct link

click here

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