Deleting system tray icon

  Sue100 23:11 08 Apr 2004

I have uninstalled my ISDN software but I still have an icon in the system tray - how can I delete this?

  Giggle n' Bits 23:24 08 Apr 2004

Add & remove programmes and also in the programmes menus in the desktop, if yes and if you hover your mouse over the icon in the sys tray whats the name of the icon.

  Sue100 23:40 08 Apr 2004

I have removed the software in add/remove programes and I can't see it in the programes list. When I hover over the icon it says ISDN Monitor V3

  ade.h 23:49 08 Apr 2004

Make a System Restore point first, then go into the Registry (type regedit in the Run command box via Start menu). Use the Edit, Find command to search for strings containing any references to the ISDN router and delete them. Take care with the Registry, hence the Restore Point.

  powerless 00:38 09 Apr 2004

Click start, run type:


Click OK.

Click Startup and remove the tick next to this application.

  Sue100 00:47 09 Apr 2004

I've tried deleting through msconfig but I can't seem to identify the name. Nothing looks like it. I'm a bit nervous about editing the registry. I've searched for any reference to ISDN and there are loads. The System Restore point doesn't always work on my computer, I have been told this is a common fault with Windows ME (but that's another story).

  powerless 00:52 09 Apr 2004

post what you see in msconfig.

  Sue100 01:00 09 Apr 2004

There are about 30 is there a quick way of listing them?

  Cesar 10:31 10 Apr 2004

If you just wan't to get it out of your System Tray click Start,control panel scroll down until you come to "Taskbar and Start Menu" double click on it In the window that appears click on "taskbar" tab now click on customize there are to columns Control and behaviour find your icon and then click in the behaviour column a drop down list box will appear click on "always" click on apply and back out of the window this will stop it appearing in your tray.

  Sue100 10:36 10 Apr 2004

I am running Windows ME there doesn't seem to be a taskbar tab.

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