deleting .sys files

  daivey 03:30 04 Apr 2004

Hello, I think i may have a corrupt pageing file and Ive been led to believe the way to sort this out is to simply wipe it and start again. This process includes deleting my pagefile.sys and Im just a little apprehensive that if I do this I wont see it again!

Has anyone done this before themselves? How does it reappear?

Thanks again.

  hugh-265156 03:33 04 Apr 2004

why do you think this?

can you give us some more information on the problem you are having,errors you may have etc and some system specs like operating system etc please.

  powerless 03:34 04 Apr 2004

The page file is recreated on every boot and will always change.

The problem you are having will be because of something else.

  hugh-265156 03:39 04 Apr 2004

morning Powerless.

  The Spires 04:17 04 Apr 2004

Right Click on My computer, select Properties, then Advanced Tab... Go to the Performance Bob, click on settings, then Advanced Tab. In the Virtual Memory box click Change, then tick the No Paging File point. Reboot your Pc, go My Computer at the top Tool, then Folder Options, then View Tab, tick Show Hidden Files & Folders, Un-tick Hide Protected Operating System Files.

You may then delete the page file from the drive it's in usually C:\. However, with XP if you have less than 512 Meg of RAM you may have problems doping this, as the Pc may not start. To re-enable the page file, go My Computer........... And tick System Managed Size.

Then restore the Hidden files & the protected operating back as they are. I do this each time I Image my Pc as it cuts down the size of an image sufficient to fit on a DVD.

  The Spires 04:19 04 Apr 2004

for BoB read Box.. :-) doping?

  daivey 06:58 04 Apr 2004

cool thanks all, and spires yes it looks like i will have some doping problems, ahem. Im running XP with 256RAM, would it be unwise to try this?

Im not certain this is the problem but Ive tried pretty much everything else. The main problem seems to be that it wont acknowledge any changes I make to my page file size. The numbers I enter appear on the screen but I dont get asked if I want to reboot like I do when I change to system managed mode. And I cant open any demanding programs with any setting I give (334 - 672, 750-750 is what Ive tried).

  powerless 08:12 04 Apr 2004

Demanding programs?

That'll be your RAM and with that you should have a page file.

Do you click "set"?

  daivey 08:43 04 Apr 2004

yeah i definatly clicked set, many, many times. Demanding programs like games / cubase / soundforge. Its been running them fine though up until last week, and theres still stacks of space on my HD.

Will I be alright to delete the page file on 256RAM with XP?

  powerless 09:09 04 Apr 2004

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