Deleting Sounds.

  Furkin 19:27 10 Sep 2009

XP Home SP3.

When using the internet, I get an annoying 'plonk' sound, usually during search, or when swapping pages/sites/links etc.

I've been through C.Panel > Sounds, but can't seem to find either what might prompt the sound,,,, nor the actual sound made.

Not life threatening,,,, but damned annoying at times.

Any ideas please ?

  GaT7 19:32 10 Sep 2009


Sounds > Windows Explorer > Information Bar.

Change it to 'none' & save. G

  ambra4 19:42 10 Sep 2009

Control Panel – Sound & Audio Device – Click Sound Tab

Change Sound Scheme To “No Sound” it will ask you to Save “Click Yes”

and Save as “Default”

  tullie 20:32 10 Sep 2009

Or you can disable the sounds you dont want.

  Furkin 21:07 10 Sep 2009

Cheers G, Have done that. The sound dosn't sound exactly like the one I want to get rid of,,,, but close ewnough to try. Ta

There are a few sounds that I do want to keep, otherwise, yep - i'd do that.

mmmm,,, that was my original question,,, but thanks for the input.

Thanks all

  Furkin 21:10 10 Sep 2009

Turning off sound at Information Bar didn't do the trick.

  the hick 07:49 11 Sep 2009

Furkin, is this sound usually when you left-click on the mouse?

  Furkin 12:29 11 Sep 2009

Hi Hick, No, it seems to be when the machine is searching,,,,, or locating a page / target.
When booting up PCA just now, I got 3 sounds, as it was booting. When I clicked on My Posts,,, I got another 3 sounds as it was going through the routine,,,,

When looking in the Sounds & Effects, I can't find the exact same sound anywhere,,,, though I'm not 100% certain that the 'test' sounds are the exact same ones as the 'real' sounds,,,, but I could be wrong.

  sharpamat 13:02 11 Sep 2009

the fact that you are getting these bleeps. at times other than when sounds can be expected.There may ( and only may ) be a minor problem with your system.
click here

  Furkin 13:29 11 Sep 2009

thanks for that link SM,
The noise is more of a PLOP than a beep.

I have to go hospital now, so will follow that link a little later,,,, & report back.

thanks again

  Furkin 09:34 12 Sep 2009

Had a look at the link - thanks.
It seems to be about machine 'warning' beeps.
Mine is a definite PLOP when searching/reading.

I might consider turning off ALL sounds,,,, & then putting back the ones I want.
As is my usual luck, I rekkon when I stop all sounds,,,, this one will still be there !

I thought it'd be a simple thing of looking down the Sounds list, & turning off the offending item.

I can't find the exact noise in the tests.
I don't know exactly what is causing it (I had high hopes for Information Bar,,,, as it does seem to be when 'information' or 'data' is located).

mmmmmmmmmmmm,,,,,, will wait a couple of days before turning them all off Justin Case someone comes up with the answer.

thank again for reading this.

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