Deleting Serif Page Plus 10

  Zebrapec 21:20 27 Nov 2006

Please can someone tell me how to delete Serif PagePlus 10. When I try to remove it by the normal way, control panel, add and remove program etc. it ask me to insert the disc and then just installs again! Thanks

  anskyber 21:56 27 Nov 2006

One of these may help. click here

  UncleP 23:29 27 Nov 2006

If I remember correctly (which would be unusual!), after inserting the disk and clicking the 'Install' option you can change any part of your set-up, including removing the lot. In short, 'Install' allows you to 'Uninstall' as well.

  terryf 01:50 28 Nov 2006

look in the serif folder to see if there is a file called 'something like' uninstall, if so try going into safe mode and double click on it

  UncleP 15:28 28 Nov 2006

Since it's some time since I used the facility, I thought I should check my remarks above. In fact I have up-graded to PagePlus11, but I think the procedure is much the same.

Unusually, there is no 'Uninstall' utility with the program; however, if you use the Add/Remove Programs entry in the Control Panel, you can change or remove the various PagePlus components. What you are installing at this point is the 'SetUp Wizard', not another copy of PagePlus. This allows you to modify, repair or remove your existing PagePlus installation. Looks straightforward, although I didn't uninstall my copy of PP11 just to prove the point!

  UncleP 15:31 28 Nov 2006

PS: I'm using Windows XP2; it might be different for earlier versions of Windows.

  Zebrapec 18:22 28 Nov 2006

thanks all

  Zebrapec 22:02 29 Nov 2006

okay, job done, thanks again,
There was no window saying to remove/install because I had to uninstall the 'Serif Resource CD' first before it would allow me to uninstall the main Serif PagePlus 10.
Anyhow its done now, I just thought I would give this small bit of info, in case anyone else was stuck.

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