Deleting from Registry

  graham√ 10:03 10 Jun 2003

As Ad-aware always finds at least one 'data miner' I got the impression they were re-installing themselves. So, using regedit, I found one and deleted it.

Which brings me to the question of using 'find'. If I close down everything to 'Computer', does it search the whole registry as opposed to when it is expanded to HKEY, etc.? Or do I leave it expanded but high-light 'Computer'? Or does it matter which?

As an aside, I also spotted 'crazy mouse' and deleted that. How that got there is anybodys guess!

  rawprawn 10:20 10 Jun 2003

As far as I know if you highlight Computer then go to find, when it has finished that search you go to Find Next and so on, until it can find no more refs. I other words it searches one set of Hkey at a time. but you don't need to move the Highlight from Computer.

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