deleting programs

  garybaldy 02:26 02 Jan 2003
  garybaldy 02:26 02 Jan 2003

i have a whole list of programs i needto delete from (add or remove programs )is it possible for me to delete them all at once rather then one at a time as my computer has to restart with each one and it has already taken me 2day 3hour and 41 mins

  Djohn 02:33 02 Jan 2003

With a problem like that I would suggest that it's going to be much easier and quicker to re-format the drive and start again. Regards. J.

  garybaldy 02:42 02 Jan 2003

being new to computing i wouldnt know where to begin please help cheers.

  Djohn 02:58 02 Jan 2003

click here Read this and post back if you need more help.

  garybaldy 03:10 02 Jan 2003

djohn i appreciate your help but at the risk of sound ducking dilly when i format drive c i will need to copy the drive which will also copy the programs i am trying to delete.i am worried that i may end up deleting everything and as i have a lot of programs i need what would you recommend i do.

  Djohn 03:22 02 Jan 2003

Sorry about that, yes by formating the drive you will lose all your programs and would need to re-install them, but only the ones you want!

If you have copies of the programs then back up all your files, clean out your system with a format and start again. If not then I'm afraid you will have to remove unwanted programs one at a time from Add/remove, or from the programs own un-installers.

But from what you have said so far, even after removing the programs individually, because there are so many to remove your system probably won't run smoothly anyway.

How many programs are there left in, *Add/Remove* that you wish to get rid of?

  garybaldy 03:38 02 Jan 2003

I have 3 users on my computer ,i went into each one and the programs i want to uninstall show on all 3 users .i went into add and remove programs on the first user and deleted each program 1 by 1 which took ages however i checked the other 2 users and the programs remain and have now reinstalled on the first user.ther are 20 in all.When i format drive c will it format all 3 users information .I have downloaded programs from the internet so i dont have a backup cd for them .I alsobought my computer with win XP preinstalled so i dont have a back up cd for that either.I am quikly going of computing please advise .

  Djohn 03:45 02 Jan 2003

Yes it will remove the other users as well, so I think it best to wait for some more advice before going any further.

Don't get too disheartened with this because someone will be able to help and soon have you up and running, as for me I'm afraid I need to get some sleep now, good luck. J.

  Les 07:50 02 Jan 2003

I take it that you are deleting programs one by one - there's a much quicker way than that!

If you have many programs in one folder then you can either:-

Click on the first file to delete, it highlights - then, if the files run consequetively down the folder, move to the last filename to delete and, whilst holding down the shift key click again upon that filename - all the filenames between will hightlight, right click, click on Delete and away they go.


If the files are not consequetive then, instead of the shift key, hold down the Ctrl key instead and click each file in turn (still holding down the ctrl key) then right click etc. Remember that, if you accidently delete a file then, by clicking on the recycle bin you can bring it back.

When you have finished deleting remember that the files are in the recycle bin - having been transferred to another folder - you will have to empty the bin when you are sure that they are not wanted.

Hope this helps.


  Mac & Beth 07:51 02 Jan 2003

Make sure when you uninstall the programs you are logged in as an Administrator.

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