Deleting Programs

  swanny2 18:55 13 Aug 2006

Theres a couple of things on me pc ,i wish too delete.
Now i want too delete Regscrub, as im not sure how too use it,i went too find problems,and there was i go too fix ,it tells me am i sure the ones ive checked r ok too delete from Refistry.
So as ive no idea i want too delete a few Programs .One is Regscrub.When i go too add/remove i get the message
File//c /programe files/refscrubxp/ does not exist,and cannot uninstall?
aAny ideas how i get rid of this.There is a couple more i will try later,if i ssucceed with this one .... Help appreciated ty....
Swanny . :O)¬~~~

  swanny2 19:02 13 Aug 2006

The othere 2 are .i better mention them now or i forget lol.
Offroad , was a racing game.when i go too remove that in addremove all i get is An instalation support files cud not be installed, The syatem cannot find the file.
So i cant remove that either..
2nd one is Hoyles demo
when i go too add/remove for this one, when i clik on remove ,it show like as if its going too install ,then it disappears....Tryed this a few times still the same..

  A p o l l o 20:27 13 Aug 2006

Try installing Ccleaner its free and has the option for uninstalling programs. The latest version is here click here

(Watch out the for install options unless you want the yahoo toolbar installed on your machine)

A p o l l o

  swanny2 20:39 13 Aug 2006

i use that every nite mate cc cleaner .. had it a while .. makes no difference tho

  swanny2 22:24 13 Aug 2006

ive downloaded the new version tx. an ran uninstaller it deleted Hoyles Demo .but when i go too Start/programs its on there.when i right clik it syas! removing this will effect all users logging into this pc? no idea?
When i try too uninstall Offrroad its tellin me a file cannot be found..thats still there. ty anyway .
Swanny :O¬~~~

  Taff™ 23:31 13 Aug 2006

Delete the shortcut anyway and ignore the message. (If you click on it it will just say "browsing for program" because it`s looking for the executable (.exe)file to launch the program - which has been uninstalled. Try it!)

Reinstall OffRoad and then immediately uninstall it - That should work and you`ve nothing to lose anyway!

  swanny2 23:41 13 Aug 2006

Tx but wen i right click on it too says Modifying this folder will affect users logging onto the pc ?
Ive not got the Cd for the Offroad now :O(
gnite all .

  recap 10:22 14 Aug 2006

Right clicking on a program to delete it is not the correct way to unistall software.

There are usually two ways of uninstalling programs. 1) Add/Remove from the Control Panel 2) from the program it's self, Start/All Programs/*""*/Uninstall. *""* This could be any program you wish to uninstall.

If you have right clicked the program and selected delete, then you have not unistalled the whole program. I can only suggest that you follow the above advise from Taff™.

  swanny2 11:37 14 Aug 2006

ye ive been too add remove .just tells me it cant find the file. an doesnt delete m8. still there. its just the shorcut was in my programs i wanted too delete it.Strart/all programes

  johndrew 17:10 14 Aug 2006

RegScrub has its own uninstaller. You may have to reinstall it to work but look in `All Programs` and highlight `RegScrubXP`. There should be four options, one is `Uninstall RegScrubXP`.

Actually I use RegScrub myself and find it very good and simple to use. Just open it and click on `RegScrub Finds Problems` when its done `Select All Problems` and `Fix Selected Problems`. Gets rid of a lot of rubbish.

Suggest you use ERUNT to backup the registry first though. I`ve never needed the backup but better safe....

The other things you can try are `Issues` in Ccleaner that solves a lot of problems and `Windows Install Clean Up` from MS...can`t find the link.

  johndrew 17:15 14 Aug 2006

click here found it

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