Deleting Private Data In Opera

  J B 16:07 25 May 2006

Can you delete all private data within Opera That is simular to the way that you do it in F/F at the end of a session, or do you have to go thru the tools dropdown menu from within Opera itself? I ask because, I am trying out Opera for the first time and so far I am finding the experience quirky but at the same time fun. J.B.

  ade.h 16:16 25 May 2006

Go to Tools > Prefs... and Advanced. You'll see entires in the third section for history and so on. These have "empty on exit" checkboxes. That will achieve what you're looking for.

  ade.h 16:19 25 May 2006

I forgot to add prior to posting that you should approach cookie handling in a specific way, via the options on that tab, if you want them to dissappear automatically as well.

  J B 16:53 25 May 2006

Thanks for the help, as I said I am beginning to like Opera. Have you got version 9 yet or are you going to wait for the full version? J.B.

  ade.h 17:45 25 May 2006

No, I've stayed with 8.5 - I tend to avoid betas, just in case they're still a bit buggy.

  J B 19:43 25 May 2006

I agree 100%, not for me either. I tried one of Firefox beta's once and none of my extensions or skins would work. Once again thanks for the help, greatly appreciated. J.B.

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