Deleting Partition

  donmar 17:17 27 Jul 2003

I have Win XP Home and foolishly devided my drive into 2 with Partition Magic. This has made my system very unstable and it frequently will not boot.At the moment my only hope then is to get it all going with a Ghost Image made some time ago and then re-download all the updates that have happened since. All this takes hours.When it all goes wrong I get a message telling me 'error writing master boot record.Press any key to reboot.'Pressing a key just repeats the sequence.

Can anyone please tell me how to put my drive back safely the way it was before I messed with it,and is it possible to make a floppy with the MBR on it?

Also, I have a boot up floppy which gets me to an A prompt. What do I type then? HELP! Don

  PirÅTë 17:19 27 Jul 2003

i had a similar problem, what i did was a bit extream but i merged the two partitions with partition magic and then reformatted and reinstalled windows, booting from windows xp disc

hope this is a little help (even if a reformat sounds scary) it will be alot better

  User-312386 17:24 27 Jul 2003

windows XP home disc can do it all for you

Restart, when you hear the computer booting start hitting the delete key. This will take you into the BIOS

Now select the boot order for the CD-ROM to be the 1st boot

Now save setting, put the XP disc in.

Restart computer and XP will Unpartition for and set up for installation.

When XP has formatted restart comp do the opposite in the BIOS and then XP will resume its setup


  donmar 17:25 27 Jul 2003

PirÅTë HI.Thanks a lot. Unfortunately this system is a fairly new Acer and it came with XP Installed and no WinXP Disk. Don

  donmar 17:28 27 Jul 2003

madboy33®© Thanks but see my reply To Pirate Don

  pj123 17:47 27 Jul 2003

Give ranish a try from click here it makes partitions without losing data so I suppose it should also delete partitions without losing data.

  leo49 17:50 27 Jul 2003

Why don't you simply get rid of the partition with Partition Magic?

  donmar 18:33 27 Jul 2003

leo49 Love to but I have no idea how to do it and leave my system bootable.Powerquest will not advise how to do it either,they say they are only there to deal with error messages currently on screen.
PJ123 Thanks I will have a look.Don

  donmar 18:42 27 Jul 2003

Does anyone know what to type after the A prompt to get the system to boot without having to do a complete re-install? Don

  [email protected] 19:13 27 Jul 2003

No I had this problem & eventually formatted the HDD having already saved my data & settings before attempting to partition. Powerquest are not good with help. I partitioned eventually with maxtor boot/partition disc properly
This has destroyed any faith in powerquest products

  donmar 19:19 27 Jul 2003

kellysbouncas.Thanks. Never will I go for a Powerquest product again.Don

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