Deleting IE8 cookies - no effect?

  slicktrick 08:34 18 Apr 2010

so there's a forum site about a game called Air Rivals.. and my forum account has been banned for ever because of only 2 insults to others. first it was a warning then permanent ban. anyway so i thought to make myself another username but whatever i do the site still knows who i am and won't let me register. i tried deleting the cookies, all temporary internet files and the recorded passwords, i reconnected to change my IP address but it's in vain. when i get to the forum, i'm still logged on as my banned account and i can't do anything from that point. so how do i make the site forget who i am in order to register another username?

  BurrWalnut 08:51 18 Apr 2010

Obviously, you didn't consider two insults as being too many, but the Air Rivals site did.

It is your email address that has been banned. Perhaps a bit of grovelling and a different attitude in the future and they will have a change of mind.

  slicktrick 09:16 18 Apr 2010

what do you mean my email address banned! i deleted everything in IE the site couldn't keep track of me unless they'd somehow have another file on my computer or something

  birdface 09:26 18 Apr 2010

If this is the one you have to register.

click here

Not sure if you have to add your e-mail address or not.
A bit of groveling might help like BurrWalnut said.

  slicktrick 09:53 18 Apr 2010

thanks for the link but i cannot access it - each time i try i get logged in my banned account and from there i can't do anything

  provider 2 10:43 18 Apr 2010

Better to leave out the insults altogether. Even when said in jest, they never turn out as you intended on the web.

Here`s BugMeNot: click here

Whether it will help in this case, I`m not sure.

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