Deleting Hyperlinks

  Cake Dinghy 09:20 05 May 2003

I cannot seem to erase 4 hyperlinks from the 'Browsed Pages' list in the 'Insert Hyperlink' window in Word. Everytime I clear the Histroy in 'Internet Options' all my visited sites disappear, except four of them. No one has managed to resolve this for me. They are not in ‘Typed URLS in the registry, so where do I look now? Can someone help me sort this out once and for all?

  Patr100 11:25 05 May 2003

I know you this is at least your third posting onthis problem and you haven't had any luck with replies. I can only suggest that perhaps running a specialised clean up program like Tweak UI "paranoia" option or similar utility (there are several which might work) which can remove such histories in Windows might work in this case but can't be sure.You can then un-install the program if you want after.

What version of windows and Word are you using?

  VoG™ 11:30 05 May 2003

Try this click here

Be sure to click on Options before running it otherwise it will wipe all your cookies which you probably don't want to do.

  Patr100 11:39 05 May 2003

Thanks VoG™

That looks like the sort of program that they need! Something that will remove MRUs (most recently used) lists in a variety of Windows Programs. Let's hope it does the trick.

  VoG™ 11:44 05 May 2003

Or this click here

  spikeychris 17:47 05 May 2003

only just received your reply from my web-mail account. Let us know how you get on....


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