deleting files fom RW DVD

  bemuzed 22:00 17 Feb 2005

I saved some files to a RW DVD. How do I delete them to make room to save some more? Is there such a thing a reformating a disc like one can with a floppy?

  stalion 22:01 17 Feb 2005

yes you can reformat do you have nero?

  bemuzed 22:05 17 Feb 2005

Not Nero I have Pinnacle

  HXP 22:07 17 Feb 2005

I used windows explorer and just deleted them ....

Couldn't see how to do it using the software I had ( Intervideo disk Master)

Windows esplorer did it and rather than reformat meant I could keep the files I wanted


  stalion 22:07 17 Feb 2005

don't know about pinnacle but nero gives you the option to erase disc.

  bemuzed 22:09 17 Feb 2005

Ah. Found if I right click on drive in Explorer then I can do it as it brings up PInnacle reformatting.

  TomJerry 22:12 17 Feb 2005

which can use RVD-RAM disks. A DVD-RAM disc can be treated as exactly as a big floppy!!!

If you want to do what you want to do with your current writer, you need to install a packet writing software such as "InCD" with Nero, "DirectCd" with Roxio, "DLA" with sonic, "FileCD" with NTI etc etc.

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