deleting files after removing folders

  honeysuckle 14:50 22 Jul 2003

i have removed both kazaa and kazaalite from my programmes but a message says not all components were removed and to remove these manually how do i do this as i am new to computers

  barrie_g 14:57 22 Jul 2003

do a search of your hard drive for Kazaa and this will find any instances of anything containing this word, from the list that it provides you will be able to delete any files that you no longer want.

  Confab 15:12 22 Jul 2003

If you read the message I'm sure there is a "more info" bit somewhere. Click on this and it will tell you what it believes has not been removed.

You can then remove these entries

  Jester2K II 15:47 22 Jul 2003

Its probably left the Spyware components behind.

Someone here can direct you to what to remove cos i don't know which ones come with Kazzaa...

  Mike2002 18:38 22 Jul 2003

If there is spyware of any description (Kazaa or other) download AdAware or Spybot. Both will remove them. You might be surprised to know just WHAT may be lurking on your PC.
It's a bit frightening when you receive your first
Alert, but a couple of clicks will remove them all.

  VoG II 20:19 22 Jul 2003

How did you remove them? click here

Spybot click here

Ad-aware click here

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