deleting emails from Virgin server

  palinka 17:31 16 Jan 2010

My sister’s ISP is Blue Yonder (now taken over by Virgin)& she has cable broadband. She reads her emails in OE (her OS is XP). Before Virgin took over, any emails that she had downloaded were deleted from the server – and that’s how she wanted things to be. But now they are all left there. I suggested maybe she had ticked by mistake “leave a copy on the server”, but she hasn’t.
Are there any Virgin users out there who know how to make emails vanish from the server when they’ve been downloaded?

  FreeCell 17:39 16 Jan 2010

Has her email account been set up as IMAP in OE? Clue is if the incoming mail server in the Account settings is IMAP.XXXXX where XXXXX is the mail server id e.g

Should be set as POP account if she wants the emails deleted from the server when they are downloaded into OE. Think she would need to delete and reset up the account to make a POP but as emails are all still on the server they should download to the new account when set up.

  Forum Editor 17:40 16 Jan 2010

"But now they are all left there", how do you know - are all the messages downloaded a second time, and then a third time, and so on, each time your sister does a send and receive?

If messages are not being deleted from the mailbox it will eventually reach its maximum permitted capacity, and the server will reject inbound messages. Presumably that hasn't happened? Your sister can check by sending a mail to herself.

  palinka 18:02 16 Jan 2010

I know because she is away quiteoften with no access to her emails. When that happens I check her webmail and phone her about anything that she needs to deal with. When I checked her webmail today there was stuff that I knew she had read (because there were emails from me and we had already talked about them.).
"mailbox it will eventually reach its maximum permitted capacity, and the server will reject inbound messages"; that is one of her concerns, so how can she prevent that, given that they are all left on the server?

  blazingbadger 18:03 16 Jan 2010

Phone virgin up and they will clear all

  palinka 11:09 17 Jan 2010

I’ve solved it myself - in Webmail >settings>forwarding and POP/IMAP>“when messages are accessed with POP”…….I selected the option "delete virgin media mail’s copy."
It works; we did a check this morning - 3 new mails that I could see in webmail vanished from webmail when my sister downloaded them in OE.

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