Deleting EMails

  Dekka123 09:19 28 Jan 2004

If I want to delete a suspicious email how do I do it without opening it because as sonn as I select it the little envelope opens. Does that mean that the email is open or not. Sorry for being so thick but I am worried about these viruses.
I have got AVG installed by the way and I am running XP Home

  Jester2K 09:22 28 Jan 2004

I assume you are using Outlook Express. the envelope icon just indicates if you have read it or not. Closed means unread and open means read.

Now if you single click on an e-mail does it open in a window? Or do you have to double click to open in a new Window?

Make sure Preview pane is OFF. View Menu, Layout, Uncheck Show Preview Pane.

  Dekka123 12:44 28 Jan 2004

Thanks very much Jester 2K. Thats a real load off my mind. Ive done what you said and its great thanks again

  bretsky 12:51 28 Jan 2004

If you are worried about viruses with emails get this click here

It gives you an overview of all your emails without opening oe on your pc, its free and simple to install .............Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!


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