Deleting e-mails on ISP server - how?

  compumac 19:33 12 Mar 2008

I have friends PC and am trying to tidy it up. Since he last used it he has purchased a laptop and when the PC was booted up today and Outlook Express accessed, it was found that there were several hundred e-mails going back two years. We do not wish to read these and need to remove them from the server (BTYahoo). I feel that this is something I should remember but age has taken over. Suggestions?

  peter99co 19:54 12 Mar 2008

Have a look at using Mailwasher. available as a free download.
Or ring your ISP. BT

  Stuartli 20:10 12 Mar 2008

If you use webmail there is normally a clear option to delete one or more messages on the server; in the cases I know you tick a box alongside the message or messages and then choose to Delete them.

  Clapton is God 20:16 12 Mar 2008

Mailwasher is not the answer.

Where exactly are these e-mails?

On the PC in Outlook Express or still on the BT server?

If in OE, go to the folder they're in (Inbox??).

Highlight any one of the e-mails and then on the tool bar click Edit; Select All and then Edit; Delete. Voila.

If on BT's server, log into the webmail account and there should be an option to Select All and then Delete All

  chub_tor 20:18 12 Mar 2008

If you access emails by opening Outlook Express then they are automatically dowloaded from the server. You will have to delete them from the PC but of course you don't have to open them in the preview pane, just select them and delete. You can bulk delete by selecting the first and then holding down the Shift key and selecting the last, when they are highlighted click on Delete.
MailWasher is good and I use it before opening Outlook Express so that I can delete spam on the server. The new free version of Mailwasher only allows for 1 email account, if you can get hold of the earlier version you can wash several email accounts.

  compumac 21:35 12 Mar 2008

The e-mails are on the server. It is only when you go onto the server(BT broadband) that you see the two hundred plus e-mails being downloaded from two years ago. Unfortunately another headache is Norton Internet Security in the form of CCPXYSVC.exe is working at 100% and at that rate the PC is overworked and goes down to less than a crawl or sto.....p. Disabling NIS does not stop the CCPXYSVC from running so that I have no doubt that I will replace NIS with perhaps ZoneAlarm which I have on my PC's.

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