Deleting e-mails

  Daz35 13:33 05 May 2004

I use Norton AV, alongside outlook express and mailwasher and am finding whenever I correspond with someone more than twice (replying)then when I download the mail into Outlook Express it deletes it and tells me it's a virus.
I know it isn't as I've checked it on mailwasher, which is all good and fine but then I can't save the mail. What it actually says is Symantec E-Mail Proxy deleted message. Any ideas before I go trawling through their site?

  GaT7 14:18 05 May 2004

Try an update of your NAV program by manually running LiveUpdate, or if that doesn't help you'll need to disable Norton's email scanning.

If you're concerned about disabling email scanning read this:

"Note: Disabling email scanning does not leave you unprotected against viruses that are distributed as email attachments. NAV Auto-Protect will scan any incoming files, including email, as they are saved to your hard drive. Email scanning is just another layer on top of this. To make sure that Auto-Protect is providing the maximum protection, keep Auto-Protect enabled and run LiveUpdate regularly to ensure that you have the most recent virus definitions."

As a last resort you could try an uninstall/reinstall of NAV - but I personally wouldn't recommend it because of the hassle involved & potential problems you may have if it doesn't install correctly.

  Daz35 14:28 05 May 2004

Thanks for your reply Crossbow7.
Everything you have mentioned in your post I have already done, and yes you're right it is hassle uninstalling/reinstalling! I did have a few problems which have been resolved, but this small one remains. Even the automated reply from your posting was deleted! and yet most of the stuff that is deleted is from a recognisable source or an e-mail thread that I have been replying to. Strange....

  GaT7 14:37 05 May 2004

Even disabling email scanning does not help?

  Daz35 14:48 05 May 2004

No, I've had that disabled for a few weeks and didn't get a problem and suddenly it has started to do it again. It's not a massive problem, as I can read the mails most of the time in mailwasher but it's just a bit annoying which is why I love this forum 'cos you always get someone who's had the same thing!

  GaT7 15:15 05 May 2004

True. In that case, you may be better off closing this thread & opening another with a juicer title, like - "Norton antivirus deleting emails" or something to that effect, so that the good folks here will take better notice & know straightaway what the problem is (& if they know the answer). You could also include what you've already done so you don't get the same (ineffective) advice over & over again.

There's always the reinstall option left if it doesn't get solved or it gets so bad you couldn't live with it any more (I don't think I could!). But as you say, someone here may have experienced the same thing & will have the answer at their fingertips : )

You could also try Symantec support directly - click here. If you haven't used their system before, click on 'start free online support' & follow the onscreen instructions. You'll finally be presented with a form to enter all the necessary details including a description of your problems. Be as specific, articulate & detailed as you can be, as sometimes they badly misunderstand the key issues & give you the wrong solutions! From personal experience they usually reply within 1-3 working days. Good luck, G

  Daz35 15:43 05 May 2004

Thanks Crossbow, I have re-installed several times and also been to the Symantec sight a few hundred times!! (and they have given me incorrect solutions)
Sounds strange but when I reboot, it seems to cure the problem for a while. Perhaps I'll just do that (for a quiet life......!)

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