Deleting an E-mail in Outlook Express.

  carlosprmero 15:30 01 Sep 2003

How do you delete an E-Mail in Outlook Express without opening it.

Many thanks.

  Fateful Shadow 15:32 01 Sep 2003

Highlight it and hit the delete key

  Fateful Shadow 15:34 01 Sep 2003

Unless you set the program to empty the trash when you exit it, it will be moved to the "Deleted items" folder.

To delete that, just highlight the mail, hit delete and click ok :)

  Simsy 15:38 01 Sep 2003

press the delete key, or

click on the big "X" on the toolbar, or

right click on it and select delete.

I suspect your question arises because you can't seect it without it opening in the preview pane in the bottom part of the screen?

If this is so, to get rid of the preview pane, on the menubar at the top of the screen;

click "view"

choose "layout"

untick the box "show preview pane"

I hope this helps,



  carlosprmero 15:39 01 Sep 2003

Fateful Shadow

Thank you, but we find if you highlight the E-mail it will open itself.


  Fateful Shadow 15:42 01 Sep 2003

Even if you click on it once?

Simsy said about the preview pane. It's just showing you a preview of the e-mail. Follow their advice on how to close it. I never have it open, as that's a way viruses can get into your system really easily.


  carlosprmero 16:17 01 Sep 2003

In "How to do everything with Windows XP" Curt Simmons writes:-

"PREVIEW. The bottom right-hand pane contains the text of the selected message. This is an easy preview that allows you to skim through your messages witout actually opening them."

I would have thought that if one could read a message, one would have opened it!


  Daibus 11:30 02 Sep 2003


  Jester2K II 11:34 02 Sep 2003

If you have the Preview Pane on then yes you have opened it when you click on it. Also some viruses will activate when viewed in the Preview Pane so even if you click on the e-mail to delete it the virus has been started.

Turn it off using View menu, Layout, Uncheck Show Preview Pane.

Then you can delete e-mails without opening them

To open an e-mail double click it.

  xania 11:46 02 Sep 2003

if you're worried about viruses click here for a web site to give you greater control over your e-mails before you download them.

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