Deleting data

  AlexPB 16:24 31 Jan 2008


If i delete something from my documents, then also empty the recycle bin does that data completely remove from my computer hard drive or is there still a trace of it somewhere using up space?

I ask this becuase one of the old computers at work has a very small h.d


  [email protected] 16:28 31 Jan 2008

It stays on your HDD until it is overwritten through the normal course of events. It is however, useable space so it doesn't "take up space" in the full sense of the word. ;-)

  AlexPB 16:29 31 Jan 2008

i dont understand what you mean, so when i delete data from say my documents, then empty the recycle bin the data stays on my hard drive untill overwritten?

  [email protected] 16:33 31 Jan 2008

Yes. When you delete from the bin, all you are doing is removing the first part of the string, or path, to it. You don't have access to it any more but it is still there as "usable space" until the next time(s) you fire up the PC or do some defrags which will re-arrange your useable space.
It stays on your HDD and is recoverable by recovery programs, but more you use your CP between Deletion and Recovery attempts, more chance there is of losing it forever.
To answer your question - Yes.

  rawprawn 16:34 31 Jan 2008

Yes it stays on the Hard Drive and is recoverable until it is overwritten. It doesn't take up any space on your Hadrd Drive that you might want to use. But if yopu are getting rid of your hard drive/computer be carefull because what you have deled can be recovered. From your question I feel if you just want more space don't worry just delete what you don't want and you will have more useable space on your HD.

  [email protected] 16:34 31 Jan 2008

CP? make that PC (I used to be dyslexic but I'm KO now)...

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