Deleting Cookies

  graham√ 14:11 10 Jun 2003

It seems every Tom, Dick and Harry is putting cookies on my system, so I've decided to clear them every day until I find which I want to keep (this site for one!). I have 317, but when I 'select all' I cannot delete because the Index is in use. Tried sending the Index to the desktop and then deleting from the file, but it won't have it. Is there another way, apart from deleting each one individually?

  mikef™ 14:18 10 Jun 2003

Tools/internet options/General/Delete cookies.

  hugh-265156 14:23 10 Jun 2003

try cleanup.a great little program click here

  mikef™ 14:27 10 Jun 2003

Another option is a cookie buster a free one from here click here

  graham√ 14:31 10 Jun 2003

Thanks for the team effort! I'm on AOL but'internet options' 'delete cookies' did the job!

  graham√ 14:36 10 Jun 2003

Could you clarify how to select two rows, please?

  powerless 14:44 10 Jun 2003

╬ eh?

  graham√ 14:48 10 Jun 2003

Are you playing with your train set? The index.dat file doesn't give me that option. If I try to Edit it says 'locked for editing by another user'.

  graham√ 14:57 10 Jun 2003

Thanks, another one for the note-book.

  Audeal 15:18 10 Jun 2003

The two links above give you the best options that I know of and I highly recomend both of them. Cookie Wall will controll your cookies and do exactly what you want and Cleanup will clean out all your unwanted rubbish, including cookies. Give them a go.

  graham√ 18:09 10 Jun 2003

Thanks once again for the answers. I'll give Cookie Wall a go, means changing to IE for a while. Chris, you have a point...

Djohn, I always forget the shift and ctrl keys when trying to do things!

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