Deleteing emails

  cruiser2 19:11 04 Aug 2012

I use Mozilla Firefox for my emails. I have four different email addresses which end in Is there a quick and easy way to delete several emails from both the Inbox and the Trash folder at the same time. I can get many emails which are out of date when I have been away on holiday. Refuse to look at them when I am on holiday. At present, I have to tick each email individually and then clock on Delete. When I tick the small box the email is highlighted in grey. But I can only do one at once. Any advice much appreciated

  rdave13 19:54 04 Aug 2012

Firefox is just a browser. What email program do you use or do you just use web mail?

  Sea Urchin 20:54 04 Aug 2012

Click the first one you want to delete, and then holding down the Ctrl key click on the others. Release the Ctrl key and press Delete

  rdave13 20:56 04 Aug 2012

Sea Urchin , sure it's not the SHIFT key?

  Sea Urchin 21:04 04 Aug 2012

The Shift key can only be used for sequential mails - ie Nos 7 to 23 for example. But from the OP's description it sounds like they want to select mail from different areas

  Woolwell 21:18 04 Aug 2012

I think that cruiser 2 is using webmail ie "When I tick the small box". Regret that I don't think that shift or ctrl will allow you to select mutliple boxes. You may be able to delete all on a page though. Is there a drop down arrow at the top by delete? I don't use talktalk so am not sure about the last.

  Sea Urchin 21:32 04 Aug 2012

Using the Ctrl key you can select the boxes in just the same way on webmail.

  rdave13 21:35 04 Aug 2012

If web mail there should be a box at the top to tick to delete all surely, or TalkTalk's web mail is different to every ones else's.

  Sea Urchin 21:48 04 Aug 2012

Yes, but cruiser2 doesn't want to delete the ALL - just the out of date ones that are no longer of interest.

  rdave13 22:14 04 Aug 2012

Trash select all. Spam select all. Rest, read headers and decide. That's what we all do isn't it?

  Woolwell 22:17 04 Aug 2012

But isn't ctrl the same as individually ticking each one? I read it that block selection is required.

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