Deleted Word by accident

  Nutty Nora 16:44 17 Jan 2006

Hi, I was having problems with my Outlook with Windows XP, so followed some advice on the internet and downloaded Windows Installer Repair. I then deleted Office from that. I cannot open any of my Word documents. I attempted System Restore but when PC re-booted it said this had been unsuccessful. I have just reinstalled my Office disk, but Word is still not working but Publisher is. Please help me

  Graham ® 16:44 17 Jan 2006

Is Word in Programs?

  Nutty Nora 16:49 17 Jan 2006

Hi, thanks

Yes Word is in programs, when I click on it it says "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed". I have to say though I hven't re-booted since I re-installed from CD, do you think I should?

  Graham ® 16:50 17 Jan 2006

Yes, re-boot.

  Diemmess 17:06 17 Jan 2006

Whenever you make basic changes to your computer it is a good idea to re-boot.
This confirms the registry settings and everything should be settled down and in its place by the time the desktop is fully developed.

If re-booting this time doesn't fix matters, but Windows seems happy again, then use the Add/Remove Programs facility in Control Panel to remove MS Office and MS word if it is there as a separate entity.

Then reboot and now try a new installation of whatever you want from Office. Finally.....reboot!

  Nutty Nora 17:12 17 Jan 2006

Right, just tried a re-boot but still not working. When I go to Add / Remove Programs there is no Word but Office is there as:
Microsoft Office XP Media Content and also as Microsoft Office XP Web Components. Should I still remove it?

  Graham ® 17:39 17 Jan 2006

Put the Office CD in and select repair.

  Nutty Nora 18:09 17 Jan 2006

I now seem to have my word documents back ok but in doing so I deleted Internet Explorer. I have now got that back but I have lost my Accessories including Paint and Games. When I try to re-install from Windows Components it won't accept my disk. I think I am just going to beat the hell out of it!

  Graham ® 18:16 17 Jan 2006

Check the filing system:

Start, Run, 'sfc /scannow', OK. Note the space.

  Nutty Nora 18:44 17 Jan 2006

Done that, it is now very slowly checking that my disk is valid or something like that (Windows File Protection)

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