deleted winword.exe by mistake

  palinka 08:57 14 Oct 2003

a friend has just sent me the following problem - In cleaning my recycle bin etc, I seem to have destroyed file Winword.exe which reads Word files !!
I have the CD for Windows98 installation, but my machine says it cant find that file. Any tips please? Or should I delete the whole Windows 98 and reinstall afresh from the CD ?
As far as I know he doesn't have MS Office or Word, hence his problem.
Advice much appreciated.

  MAJ 09:04 14 Oct 2003

Winword.exe is part of Office, palinka, not Windows. Your friend will need the Office disks.

  Taff36 09:05 14 Oct 2003

Before we start Word is part of Office Suite and is an application. Windows 98 is an operating system. They are two different things. Re-installing Windows won`t get Word back if they had it in the first place that is.

Do I detect that maybe your friend had a Word Viewer but not the full blown version?

  MAJ 09:05 14 Oct 2003

Or rather, I should say the MS Word disk.

  palinka 09:07 14 Oct 2003

yes, Taff, I think that must be it.

  palinka 09:26 14 Oct 2003

thanks Taff36 and MAJ. Turns out he does have Word after all, so panic over and problem solved.
thank you both for responding so promptly.

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