Deleted or not?

  ///A M G 18:37 27 Sep 2004

Just deleted a file by mistake, I ran a recovery program (File Scavenger 2.1) and it found lots and lots of files including bank detail files.

Now I know Windows does not delete something for good but there are programs that do.

As I am now worried that my bank details are still on this computer, can someone tell me how to delete these files FOR GOOD, what program to use, and how long would this take?

I am on a 120GB HDD 7200, Windows XP Home, NTFS format.


  Diodorus Siculus 18:39 27 Sep 2004

Eraser from click here will get you some of the way, but there is no absolute way.

Eraser will allow you to wipe free space on the disk.

  ///A M G 18:46 27 Sep 2004

So this 'Peter Guttman' thing doesnt work?

If I used this even, how long will it take on 103GB's of free space on a 7200 NTFS hard drive......

Also, will it stop software recovery (Main objective) as after I will probbly shread the HDD.

  Graham ® 20:03 27 Sep 2004

Go to the hard drive manufacturers' site. They may have a utility to fill the drive with zeros.

  Graham ® 20:06 27 Sep 2004

Seagate, for example:

click here

  jack 21:05 27 Sep 2004

Whilst there are many utilites that claim to wipe
hard drives, None will do this with certainty
There are many cledestine softwares that will reclaim it all.

So if you are simply selling the machine
Reformat the drive
That will to all intents and purposes clean it,
because it is only the writing of fresh data to
occupy the space that will mask pre existing.

If you are really concerned about the contents of your hardrive falling into the wrong hands
then you must physically destroy it, with a large hammer.

  ///A M G 21:20 27 Sep 2004

LOL :)

Basicly I HAD information which contained bank details, which I thought I deleted.

When using a recovery software they where still on there.

Now I am worried that if anythink goes wrong with my PC and I take it into repair, someone will recover the details and find them out. I only want a software recovery tool.

I think I will use Cyberscrub click here as it will wipe the HDD 3 times so software recovery should stop it.

What do you, will it stop software recovery?

Also, if my HDD did fail I probbly will get a hammer to it :)


  Diodorus Siculus 21:52 27 Sep 2004

Why pay? I don't think that cyber scrub will do anything that Eraser won't do...

To my mind, there is no point in spending money on this - if you want to be sure, just destroy the disk when you are finished with it.

  ///A M G 21:55 27 Sep 2004

Free Trial!

  bretsky 23:20 27 Sep 2004

I still use my 1.5 free version of cyberscrub, great little program. I use it for general file deleting and web surfing traces.

bretsky ;0)

  User-312386 23:46 27 Sep 2004

i have allways used necrofile click here

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