Deleted Movies still taking up Laptop HDD space.

  charliemurray3 19:24 09 Nov 2015

So recently i have been downloading a lot of films. Once the films are downloaded i copy them to my external hard drive as not to use the laptop's hard drive. Once copied i go to my download folder and delete them, via recycle bin. Once in the recycle bin i empty it to permanatley delete. But when i go to MY PC to view drives, it still says the memory is used up. Shows around 60 GB of memory used. Any ideas? are they not deleted properly?

  [email protected] 09:33 10 Nov 2015

You may try cutting & pasting the movies, and this may help - Although there shouldn't be any movie once deleted via recycle-bin. Also, see if you have any hidden files or folders in that drive using up the space? And you can also try selecting the movies and deleting them using shift + del (any of these thing may help).

  john bunyan 09:49 10 Nov 2015

Are you sure it is the movies? Do you see them in Windows Explorer or files? It may be restore points. Do come back and discuss. It is worth having the free Treesize programme to look at your C Drive in detail.


Do you have CCleaner? If so you can look at the number of restore points and delete all but the 2 or 3 most recent. Restore points are hidden folders. Please state what OS you are using.

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