deleted by mistake

  pinklillyella 17:52 24 Apr 2003

i had a jpeg photo that was special to me that i deleted by mistake while tryin to edit it with picture it...i thought it would have been in the recycle bin but it wasn't, so i ran a search on it & it not there either, is there anyway of me finding & restoring this photo, it must be on my comp somewhere...i have windows xp home edition

  Legolas 18:28 24 Apr 2003

Have a look here there are a couple of data recovery programs you can try. click here

  hellred 21:25 24 Apr 2003

when you open a file to change it or modify the pictures appearance somehow, by whatever means, the original file must still be in the folder you opened it from. So, where has that gone ???
Even if you havent got the changed picture, you should still have the file you opened from.

Have you looked at the folder and ....... is it there ??

Otherwise do a find specify " *.jpeg " and this will list all JPG's on your system.

  PA28 22:49 24 Apr 2003

Norton Utilities will normally allow you to recover deleted files - if they haven't been overwritten. Normal deletion leaves the bulk of the file intact, but marks the space that it occupies as "available for use". So don't defrag, optimise your drive or make any big changes until you have had a chance to install and run either Norton or a similar recovery utility as Legolas has suggested.

  pinklillyella 23:49 24 Apr 2003

when i go to my recieved files where the photo was it is still showing as if there but when i open the file to view the actual picture is not there

  VoG™ 23:57 24 Apr 2003

"picture is not there" - presumably you mean it is blank. If you have managed, somehow, to "clear" the picture and then saved your edit then I'm afraid that you have lost the picture.

This will not help with your immediate problem but whenever I want to edit a picture, I always save a copy (as, say, mypic.bak) before working on the original. I do the same with important Word, Excel etc. documents. If you follow that regimen, you can always get back to where you started.

  PA28 13:38 25 Apr 2003

VoG's comment is praticularly relevant to digipics. They are generally irreplaceable. I regularly backup the whole of my photos onto C-ROMs so that they will, in theory, last forever (at least, they will last longer that actual photos do). This also saves you when you change machines or - heaven forbid but it happens - have a hard drive or serious system failure. In fact, the only downside is to make sure you don't lose, burn, or damage the CD-Roms.

  pinklillyella 13:08 26 Apr 2003

just want to thank u all for your response.....yes the picture was lost forever & it has taught me a lesson to make copies onto discs now....but fantastic news, i managed to get a copy off the friend who originally sent it to me

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