deleted microsoft excel files

  fymlor 19:01 04 Nov 2003

spiteful person has deleted all our excel financial files containing all our current data, same person deleted all backup files as well and emptied the recycled bin.

can anybody tell us how to restore them from 'ghost' files we would be most grateful.

urgent responses please as the tax man may hang us

thanks JC

  rawprawn 19:07 04 Nov 2003

There is a program called Restoration which was a free trial in PCA mag some time ago. I tried it and it was very good. Try searching Google for restoration sorry I can't remember the address. In the meantime try not to delete anything and overwrite the missing files. Good Luck.

  recap 19:09 04 Nov 2003

There is software out there but it can be costly. A kind word for future reference always make more than one copy of your data, (overkill this but I make 6 copies)

  recap 19:11 04 Nov 2003

then again if you click here you can get a trail version of a recovery utility.

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