"Deleted" files that re-appear

  paulhg 15:32 22 Jan 2004

I recently cancelled my Wanadoo contract and un-installed their files. However I find that a folder called "Wanadoo", which contains a folder "user" remains in the Program folder and even if I delete it (fully), it reappears the next day. I cannot find the source of its reincarnation despite searches. I cannot ignore it because the "user" folder keeps popping up in an annoying way when I am wanting to save a file. Help please anyone ?

  MichelleC 16:32 22 Jan 2004

Try deleting in safemode. (have you run spyware removers?).

  Tog 16:36 22 Jan 2004

Probably, some process left behind is recreating this file on boot. Have a look at what is set to run at startup. What OS are you using?

  MichelleC 15:34 27 Jan 2004

If it's still reappearing try going into registry and deleting any reference to Wanadoo. You can b/up registry 1st by 'exporting' and revert to it if needs be. RUN/ type regedit, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Wanadoo, and delete folder.

  wee eddie 19:19 27 Jan 2004

use Search. *Wanadoo*

You may find it's installed itself elsewhere

  dotterel 21:21 27 Jan 2004

This could be worth a try:-Start, Run, type msconfig. When the grey panels appear click the startup tab. This produces a list of all the programs that start up when you switch on. Uncheck any one that refers to Wanadoo.

  paulhg 19:26 28 Jan 2004

Thanks Michelle, nothing in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE but in HKEY_CURRENT_USER/RemoteAccess/Profile/ there are 2 folders Wanadoo and Wanadoo2. These contain files that appear to be to do with connections, one is called autoconnect. Could I delete these without risk as I am no longer with Wanadoo ?
Thanks also to Wee Eddie and Dotterel but no dice there I'm afraid. Thanks all. Paulhg.

  Terry Brown 19:34 28 Jan 2004

No problem. Remove the wanadoo software from your registry, then run a registry search for other copies and entries. You will be suprised at the places it is installed.It would be advisable to get a system checker (something like Norton Symantic) to chck your system and remove dead registries / shortcuts etc

  paulhg 19:54 29 Jan 2004

Thanks to all for your help. Michelle and Terry provided the final solution which was to find and deal with an amazing collection of files hiding n the registry. After deleting these and running a registry clean-up programme, I seem to have finally severed the annoying link with the former provider, which was being rejuvenated every time I went on line. Thanks again.

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