Deleted Files but not got back disk space

  jh_dempsey 14:05 16 Dec 2004

Hi All

Ive been doing some video editing, and i needed to get rid of some of the files ive already worked with so i can put more on.
So i selected the files in Explorer and deleted them (permanently, ie not to the Recycle Bin)

My computer has a real problem shutting down (basically it doesnt most of the time) so i had to switch off manually after i had deleted the files.
Now when i look again, the 25GB of video i deleted is not there, but its still saying i have only 10GB left, when i should have 35GB left.

Anyone know how to fix this problem??

  mattyc_92 14:13 16 Dec 2004

Have you got Systemworks installed???

  Peter 14:14 16 Dec 2004


I think you need to run ScanDisk, or whatever your operating system equivalent is. I think there may be a disk maintenance option available somewhere from the Start button.


  rawprawn 15:52 16 Dec 2004


  Tog_ 16:43 16 Dec 2004

scandisk will correct wrongly reported disk usage.

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